Joe Owen

Chief Executive Officer/President
The Guardian Group

Centered in respect for the individual, Joe’s vision and values are embraced by Guardian’s leaders and their teams. In 2001, Joe acquired GHP from its original owners who had founded the company in 1989. At that time GHP was primarily providing long term healthcare professionals to state owned medical and I/DD (intellectually/developmentally disabled) facilities. Prior to acquiring GHP Joe had spent over 30 years in the legal profession, real estate development and management as well as in providing services or facilities to the healthcare and I/DD sectors.

After graduating from the University of Louisville School of Law Joe began his professional career as an attorney in Western Kentucky and in a few years was drawn to the real estate industry and started developing a company and team to develop and manage multi-family housing. The real estate company proceeded to participate in the development, management or ownership of approximately 3,600 units in six Southeastern states. During this process he became a HUD housing consultant working with non-profits to develop housing for the elderly and the I/DD group homes. During the 1990’s and early 2000s he continued to participate in real estate and I/DD segment. He also was a founder, member of the board of directors, and principal of a Tennessee based mortgage company that had offices in 6 states which was sold to a national publicly traded bank. He is still the President, Chairman of the Board, and principal of the real estate company which is based in West Kentucky.

In 2003, GHP added another division Guardian Community Living (GCL) to provide community based supported living, adult day habilitation, supported employment, and therapy services to the I/DD service recipients. Since its beginning, GCL has been recognized as a “Quality Tier” Provider by Tennessee every year and the Company is now one of the largest providers of I/DD services in Tennessee with operations in Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. GCL also now operates homes and facilities in Kentucky.

Under his leadership the company has grown from 160 employees in 2001 to over 1,250 employees with revenues that have grown from 10 million to over 50 million annually. Guardian Group has been selected and recognized by the Middle Tennessee Chamber of Commerce for 3 consecutive years as one of the Fastest Growing Companies. The Company has also been a Finalist in the annual Nashville Business Journal program’s “Healthiest Companies in Middle Tennessee” which is based upon the company’s commitments to the health and wellness of its employees.

Joe received a B.S. Business Administration degree from Murray State University and is a member of the MSU Foundation Board of Trustees. He has served as an officer and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Association of International Healthcare Recruiters. He remains an avid fan of his alma maters’ basketball and football programs as well as the Tennessee Titans. He enjoys golfing with friends and spending time on Kentucky Lake at a lake home.